The Hordern is Back & COVID Safe!

Safe to say the past 12 months has been a challenging time for all industries but particularly the entertainment industry. With the devasting effects of the global pandemic and consequent COVID-19 government regulations the Hordern Pavilion sadly had to close the doors in April 2020.

After several months of reduced operations and no concerts, the venue was thrilled to announce the return of events with Van Gogh Alive Exhibition being launched on September 18th 2020 next door at the Royal Hall of Industries. The exhibition was biggest version of Van Gogh Alive anywhere in the world and featured huge visual art projections synchronised to a musical score and the release of aromas to entertain the senses. The run of the event was extremely successful with thousands of guests seeing the impressive exhibit every day till the final day on the 20th of December. The new COVID Safe setting with temperature checks, masks and social distancing gave people the confidence to enjoy events once more.

On December 1st, 2020, the Hordern finally welcomed back the return of live music with Tash Sultana inaugurating the venue back into its rock roots! The concert was the first sold out seated concert at the venue since the beginning of the pandemic and was a big milestone for the music venue in a new COVID safe world.

“Thank you very much for taking the leap of faith back into Life again”    – Tash Sultana


The Hordern looks forward to welcoming back more live music in 2021 with guest safety remaining the number one priority. If you would like to read more about our COVID Safe venues click here!